Industrial Webinars


 The List of Recently Conducted Webinar in IIMM Kolkata Branch:

   Sl.No.            Date                                Topic                  Speaker
       1   24.02.2021     Whatsapp group for active EC members in the      Seminar meeting status.   Biplab Banerjee and P. P. Sengupta
       2  06.03.2021       Emerging job opportunity for material                   management students in e-commerce sector  
       3  13.03.2021    "Industrial Procurement behaviour in Critical times -     Ushnish Basu
       4  03.04.2021    Can Machine Learning Applications replace material managers. 

   Dr Debasish Das, Principle Engineer,

   Amazon India

       5  17.04.2021     Capitalizing on evolving opportunities    Mr. Rajesh Ray, Associated Partner, IBM
       6  23.04.2021    MM- Day "Role of SCM professionals in in a Gig Economy"  
       7  08.05.2021    How to identify supply chain risk and roll out mitigation plan

   Mr. Satyavrat Singh, Director, Uniseven


       8  05.06.2021    Increasing productivity of procurement function with IOT

  Joydeep Ghosh, Director – Enterprise   


    Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India     

     Pvt. Ltd., Suja Savia

       9  10.07.2021    Supply Chain Management in Covid -19 Pandemics,       Focus Indirect Items Procurement.   Jayanta Biswas, CEO, Surveyors Consultants
      10  14.08.2021    Artificial Intelligence and its application in procurement

 Saptarshi Mukherjee, Founder TRICO


      11   18.09.2021     Transforming Supply Chain Through Digitalization During Pandemic   

   Mr. Kallol Ghosh, Tata Medical Tenter,

   Mr. Amit Sahoo, Jojnson & Johnson ,

   Ms. Rima Saha-AMRI Hospitals Ltd.

   Mr. Chandi Charan Bharati,

   Mr. Prabir Ghosh Mission Hospital,            Durgapur,

   Mr. Sukhbir Singh Kapoor- Columbia Asia,

   Mr. Rajesh B- CK Birla Hospital

      12   27.11.2021     SCM -the conclusive avenue of livelihood     Same as Above 
      13  26.02.2022  

   “Role of SCM for quality patient Care”
With Becton Dickinson India Private Limited (BD)

    Same as Above

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Few of Our Recently Held Webinar Glimpses